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内容摘要:ISLAMABAD: After a gap of 10 years, Pakistan has resumed export of crude oil with the output touching an all-time high, a media report said ...

ISLAMABAD: After a gap of 10 years, Pakistan has resumed export of crude oil with the output touching an all-time high, a media report said on Sunday.
The output in June reached highest at 98,000 barrels per day (bpd), an increase of 22 per cent from last year, while around 70,518 tonnes of ultra-light crude oil — known as condensate — has been exported in the last two months, as per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
The export value is stated at $60.7 million (Rs 5.9 billion).
At least one ship of 32,000-tonne capacity is leaving the port every month, which is expected to rise because the output of condensate has gradually increased over the years, the Express Tribune reported.
Three multinational firms, United Energy Pakistan, which took over the assets of BP in the country, OMV and MOL are mostly involved in the exports of the petroleum crude which is coming from different fields in Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

源自巴基斯坦报纸the Express Tribune报道称,每月至少有一船32000吨原油驶离港口,由于过去几年超轻质原油产量逐步增加,今后的吞吐量将会上升。
三家跨国公司,United Energy Pakistan(该公司取得了BP在巴资产)、OMV及MOL是原油出口的主力,油田分布在信德省及开伯尔-普什图省。
Export of crude started after the discovery of the Badin Gas field along with the by-produce condensate in the 1990s.
The refineries initially didn't have the capability to process the condensate but when Attock and Pak Arab refineries started consuming most of the domestic supply, government restricted exports in 2004.
The average oil production in Pakistan jumped 13 per cent to 86,000 bpd in fiscal year 2013-14 compared to the previous year.
The oil output even reached an all-time high of 98,000 bpd by the end of June 2014.
Around 60,000-65,000 bpd of oil is consumed by local refineries, leaving a surplus of 24,000-25,000 bpd for export, the officials said.

当地的炼油厂开始时没有能力处理超轻质原油(凝析油),而在Attock 及Pak Arab 炼油厂开始消化当地大部分产能之后,政府在2004年禁止了出口。
政府消息称大约有60000 - 65000 bpd的产能被当地的炼油厂消化,可供出口大约是24000 – 25000 bpd。
A major chunk of the increase in oil output came from the Tal block, which saw average oil production rise 63 per cent to 17,000 bpd.
The block contributes 20 per cent of the total oil produced in Pakistan.
Industry officials believe that Pakistan's crude oil output is expected to increase to 130,000 bpd in a year or two, a sharp rise from the stagnant 66,000 bpd seen previously.
While there remains uncertainty over the exact size of oil reserves in the absence of any broad geological survey, Pakistan has estimated recoverable reserves at 27 million barrels.

主要的石油产量增加来自Tal block,日产量增加了63%达到17000bpd。
工业官员相信巴基斯坦原油出口量在一两年内将会提升至130000 bpd,比之前停滞不前的66000 bpd有大幅度提升。

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