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内容摘要:Modi seeks to replace central planning with'Team India' 莫迪试图用“印度团队”概念来替代中央计划...

Modi seeks to replace central planning with'Team India'


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian Prime MinisterNarendra Modi held a brainstorming session on Sunday on replacing Soviet-stylecentral planning with a 'Team India' concept that would give federal states agreater role in developing Asia's third-largest economy.


Although he won a huge election mandate inMay, the writ of Modi's government is weak as the majority of India's 29 statesare controlled by his opponents. That has led him to seek their help inimplementing his growth and jobs agenda.


"It is impossible for the nation todevelop unless states develop," Modi told a meeting with chief ministersin New Delhi. "The process of policy planning also has to change from 'topto bottom' to 'bottom to top'."


As chief minister of Gujarat, Modi objectedto meddling by the Planning Commission in his state's affairs. One ally hasdescribed the body as a "parking lot" for political cronies andunwanted bureaucrats.


Yet, three months after Modi vowed toreplace the Planning Commission "in a short span of time", deliberationson its successor are still in their early stages and there is little sign of aconsensus.


The opposition Congress party, whosepatriarch Jawaharlal Nehru set up the Planning Commission in 1950, said thatwhile the body needed reorientation, its dismantling was unwarranted.


Speaking after the meeting, FinanceMinister Arun Jaitley said the mandate of the body still had to be determined,adding that there was majority support for a structure in which both the centerand states are represented.

It was also unclear, Jaitley added, whetherIndia would scrap the five-year plans introduced by Nehru. The current, 12thfive-year plan, runs to 2017.








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